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    Water Bohr reminds everyone to eat and drink in the holidays

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    Date: 2017/9/29 16:40:02 Read: 1102 times

    In the interest to take the child to travel, but the children in the journey suddenly a large illness exhausted, the child will be sick, mainly the diet not to pay attention and rest not enough.
    The water pole reminds everybody, when traveling to meet the food that has not eaten, want to let the child also try to taste fresh, pour also untasted. But remember don't drastically altered children daily eating habits, such as in the case of normally don't eat barbecue, seafood, should avoid to let children eat these easy to cause fire or food allergy. In addition, eat food should not too miscellaneous, lest cause digestive tract discomfort. The water for the child is cooked before the mouth is cooked, even the pure water is recommended to boil and drink. It is a good habit to bring your own food and water glasses to prevent bacterial and viral infections.
    Eat carefully, and play well. For the sake of children's safety, do not let them leave their sight, do not let their children play too crazy, daytime fatigue plus late sleep, the child's resistance will become worse than usual. Parents are more unable to visit their own fun, and the result is a delay in their children's sleep. Good sleep helps to eliminate the tiredness of the body after play and to restore the child's energy, so try to keep the child's normal sleep and sleep well.
    On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn festival and National Day, linyi city water pole bed industry co., LTD. All the staff to wish the new and old customers happy Mid-Autumn festival, happy family, prosperous business!

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